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美国佐治亚理工学院张晗教授:Truth Bias and Veracity Effect in Online Word-of-Mouth.docx




题目:Truth Bias and Veracity Effect in Online Word-of-Mouth

摘要: This paper explores how consumers detect real and fake reviews in online word-of-mouth. Drawing on the truth-default theory that emerged from the lie detection literature in the recent decade, we propose that consumers have a general tendency to believe a review to be true more than fake (i.e., the truth bias), and that this tendency is greater for negative reviews than positive reviews. In addition, we propose a veracity effect—consumers are more accurate in detecting real reviews than detecting fake reviews—and that this effect is also greater for negative reviews than positive reviews. To test these hypotheses, we conducted four controlled experiments where participants were informed about the number of true and fake reviews, and then asked to classify each review as real or fake. These studies provided converging evidence for the aforementioned effects and demonstrated the importance of review valence in consumers’ judgment of review veracity. Among the first to explore fake review detection from consumers’ perspective, this paper investigates the overall ability of consumers to detect real and fake reviews, documents the pervasiveness of truth bias and veracity effect, and uncovers the unique role of valence in consumers’ veracity judgments. Our findings also offer important practical implications for consumers and review platforms.

个人简介:张晗博士,美国佐治亚理工学院商学院信息技术管理终身教授,Steven A. Denning技术与管理讲座教授。张晗教授于德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校取得信息系统博士学位,主要研究领域为信息技术经济学、在线信任和声誉、在线口碑和电子市场的演变。他的学术论文发表在MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of the Association for Information Systems等学术期刊。他目前担任期刊MIS Quarterly, Information & Management, Journal of Information Systems and E-Business Management的高级编辑。