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By the end of 2013, the faculty had published more than 3,600 papers, including 104 SCI papers, 22 SSCI papers, over 530 EI papers, over 110 ISTP papers and over 600 CSSCI papers. More than 140 monographs, over 320 kinds of textbooks, and more than 60 translation works has been written. A series of awarding mechanisms regarding paper grading and scientific research has been successively made and implemented, which aims at guiding academic staffs to positively devote to teaching and scientific researches, and encouraging them to publish outstanding scientific research achievements on top international journals. Some of the representitive papers are listed in below Table.                                           


A sample of top 20 papers published by the faculty since 2011
No. Authors Paper Title Name of Journal Year
1  Feng He, Qingzhi Zhang,
 Jiasu Lei, Weihui Fu,
 Xiaoning Xu
 Energy efficiency and productivity
 change of China's iron and steel
 industry:Accounting for undesirable
 Energy Policy 2013
2  Jingyu Zhao  An involution proof of the Alladi-Gordon
 key identity for Schur's partition
 Electronic Journal of
3  Wenbin Wang  A stochastic model for joint spare parts
 inventory and planned maintenance
 European Journal of Operational
4  Xiaoxia Huang  An entropy method for diversified fuzzy
 portfolio selection
 International Journal of Fuzzy
5  Wenbin Wang, B.
 Hussin, Tim Jefferis
 A case study of condition based
 maintenance modelling based upon
 the oil analysis data of marine diesel
 International Journal of
 Production Economics
6  Xiaoxia Huang, Lei Qiao  A risk index model for multi-period
 uncertain portfolio selection
 Information Sciences 2012
7  Xiaoxia Huang  Mean-variance models for portfolio
 selection subject to experts'
 Expert Systems with Applications 2012
8  Feng Hu, Sanmang Wu  Migration Experience of Village
 Leaders and Local Economic
 Development: Evidence from Rural
 China & World Economy 2012
9  Wenbin Wang, Matthew
 J. Carr, Tommy W. S.
 Chow, Michael G.Pecht
 A Two-Level Inspection Model With
 Technological Insertions
 IEEE Transactions on Reliability 2012
10  Rui Peng, Min Xie,
 Szuhui Ng, Gregory
 Element maintenance and allocation
 for linear consecutively connected
 IIE Transactions 2012
11  Wenbin Wang  A simulation-based multivariate
 Bayesian control chart for real time
 condition-based maintenance of
 complex systems
 European Journal of Operational
12  Feng Hu  Migration, Remittances, and Children's
 High School Attendance: The Case of
 Rural China
 International Journal of
 Educational Development
13  Qing Yang, Xiaofeng
 Zhang, Tao Yao
 An Overlapping-Based Process Model
 for Managing Schedule and Cost Risk
 in Product Development
 Concurrent Engineering
 Research and Applications
14  Wenbin Wang  An overview of the recent advances in
 delay-time-based maintenance
 Reliability Engineering & System
15  Weihui Fu  Factors Impacting Ethical Behaviour in
 a Chinese State-Owned Steel
 Journal of Business 2012
16  Xiaodong Zhang, Shuo
 Zhang, Yingzi Li,
 Christopher Schlick
 Task scheduling behaviour in
 agent-based product development
 process simulation
 International Journal of Computer
 Integrated Manufacturing
17  Jun Wei, Wei Zheng,
 Mian Zhang
 Social capital and knowledge
 transfer:A multi-level analysis
 Human Relations 2011
18  Qun Zhang, Xiaoxia
 Huang, Leming Tang
 Optimal multinational capital budgeting
 under uncertainty
 Computers and Mathematics with
19  Feng Hu, Zhaoyuan Xu,
 Yuyu Chen
 Circular Migration or Permanent Stay
 Evidence from China’s Rural-Urban
 China Economic Review 2011
20  Weiling Wang, Tieke Li  Improved Cultural Algorithms for Job
 Shop Scheduling Problem
 International Journal of Industrial
 Engineering : Theory Applications
 and Practice

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